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1. Productions - Films or Broadcast Quality Videos

60 Second Profile - $995.00 (limited time only - a $3,000 value)

Premium: $2,995.00 (limited time only - a $6,000 value).

Fortune Five Hundred Commercial: Starting at $20,000.00 (call) - typically, this involves union cast/crew, high level music permissions, etc.

* Contact us and ask about our no interest, short term financing (productions only). No credit check is required. You can even arrange no money down. It's quite simple how it works.

Other Productions (varied lengths, etc.) - Call

2. Director Miles McNamara

Call or view RATES sheet below.

3. Professional Video Services

Includes all:

Consulting • Coaching/Training • Troubleshooting (guaranteed)

Screenwriting - Script Breakdowns • Budgets • Videography • Editing • F/X • CC

Online edl Assistance • DVD Authoring • Internet Social Media Video prep, etc.

All our Professional Services are at the same rate. You can save from $80 per hour all the down to $40 depending on the retainer you choose. Most of our clients begin with the 24 hour retainer package ($53 per hr., not $80). That package is good for 24 hours used for on-call, sporadically or as 3 straight (flat) days.

NOTE: Videography (camera shooting days) are up to 10 hours for the same 8 hour rate. For details on equipment and camera selection, please contact us.

RATES (in Canadian dollars)

International clients are via phone, Internet, video conferencing, screencasts, etc. For in-person services outside the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area, please contact us for travel arrangements (dual-citizen: US/Canada).

For specific product needs - i.e. DVD disc replication/duplication, etc., simply contact us.


We love paying commissions!

Any referral, sale or introduction that results in a prospective client contacting and then hiring us results in a 10% commission (of the gross cost before any taxes or expensives).

Further, any contracts from that client for one year after pays 5%. This applies across the board for any PUCCINI films production and any services.

Let's be clear. It must be a prospective client, studio, network, individual, etc. that contacts us on their own. A suggestion of someone or an entity to contact does not qualify. They must contact us. If it results in any contract with PUCCINI films, we pay the 10% commission. Regular clients that refer can also take the option of receiving their commission in more services.

It does not require follow-through, as we will do that. You are welcome to do so, in coordination with us, if it seems appropriate, yet, it is not necessary to receive the commission.

PUCCINI films has paid commissions as high as $9,740 for one referral.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests.

Hourly Services and Retainers

Choose a savings package first

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Internet Bank Card Transfer, and Paypal

If you are paying with a credit or bank card, after you press the Pay Now button, simply look for this option (just below the Paypal option at top). You do not need a Paypal account.

how to pay with credit or bank card

Or, if you'd rather use another of the various new, direct Internet bank account transfer methods, simply contact us.

We also accept INTERAC email bank transfers.

Your financial information is not shared with us and furthermore, this is the most secure and private form of Internet commerce, along with no "partner" sharing either.

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