Why this certain-to-fail U.S. Impeachment is vital for citizens worldwide

Any remaining notion that the Republican-controlled Senate will convict this President, removing him from office, has the same probability that the lottery ticket in my pocket will be worth millions.

It’s not going to happen.

We can cease any reality-show-like obsessive speculating whether this President will be voted “off the island.” If I’m wrong, look for a humble mea culpa commentary next year entitled, “Go figure – let’s party?”

When a cancerous tumor can’t be surgically extracted, a medical team (let’s pretend that’s you and me) employs a barrage of managing symptoms, formidable strategic treatments, restoring the immune system, and starving what caused that once malignant lump into a cowering remission. Ultimately, destroying the entire disease itself.

Here are a few reasons why this Impeachment, destined not to succeed, is nonetheless imperative.

One: Put the brakes on any more interference, especially from foreign sources, to protect next year’s U.S. election.

Two: Establish a critical historical account of this President’s constitutional abuses of power for future generations.

Three: Alert the co-conspirators – there are already a dozen suspects – of the ample five-year statute of limitations for felony criminal exposure.

Four: Educate the public so that they can decipher if the House has probable cause to indict – draft Articles of Impeachment.

Five: At the final Senate trial, people all over our planet will witness each of the one hundred U.S. Senators make a rather simple choice – ‘either a nation of corruption or one of laws.

Accomplishing even this is crucial. There’s no other alternative unless more standing like deer in the headlights is an option. For Nixon, the crimes were domestic, within the country, whereas these crimes are international. If this Congress had done nothing, it would severely endanger both America’s future and the prospect of Democracies surviving anywhere. Democracies go bankrupt with mass disinformation first. When lulled into stunned apathy, intercontinental corruption slithers unabated; then, in due course, there’s a full and brutal conquering.

I find around the world that some are either bewildered with why anyone should care what happens in America or view that perhaps it’s time for the U.S. to crash and burn – good riddance. I don’t hear enough selfish logic of, “…let’s be careful what we wish for.”

If, like me, you’re presently fortunate enough to live in a country where you’re free to read this, think what you want, and speak your mind, we also share the right and freedom to make decisions.

For instance, I can find the Impeachment coverage exhausting, especially when I’m told that all politicians are never honest. I can kick back and watch the latest season of “Conniver,” where it’s the same thing, for it never matters who can start a fire or catch a fish because the million-dollar winner is always just the best liar.

I can also get intoxicated by the democratic presidential candidate’s endless lists of promises. Now, I’m inebriated, learning that money grows on trees, so leave me alone about how, if our Democracies collapse, none of us will ever wind up with ‘A chicken in every pot,” – and not even “A pot to (relieve ourselves) in.”

On vacation, I can complain to the Hotel manager, “You tell the Embassy across the street that if they’re going to murder American journalists, they can damn well keep the noise down when chain-sawing the body parts. ‘Got that?”

And I can magically multitask a mocking scoff at the House Speaker declaring, “All roads seem to lead to Putin,” as I check how many Likes I’ve garnered from my latest social media posts, at the same time unconsciously spreading another destructive Russian bot meme, while sipping on a delicious cup of “polonium” tea – Mmm.

Yes, you and I are free to make decisions and do whatever we want – at least, for now.

I was eighteen years old, in Canada, when I couldn’t get home fast enough to watch the Watergate hearings – ‘can’t explain why. It wasn’t the unfolding detective drama or who will win anything. Something mysterious stirred inside me that I should pay attention, as this somehow mattered greatly – perhaps, even globally. I hope that choice to care has made me a better citizen and person.

In that remarkable time, a young songwriter from the Canadian prairies had lifted her heavenly voice, gifting all humans with this timeless reminder.

“…you don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone.”


Dual U.S./Canadian citizen Miles McNamara is a veteran Actor-Director-Producer and Writer who admits he’s best known as an international Troublemaker. @Miles_McNamara

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