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60 Second Profile FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions




1. What is a 60 Second Profile?

A 60 Second Profile is a professionally produced, one-minute video, custom crafted to meet your unique business or personal objective.

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2. Why do I want a 60 Second Profile?

To advance – realize – profit. A 60sppowerfully motivates people to meet your objectives and goals. It quickly and conveniently informs, while teasing them to want more information or take the action you desire them to take.

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3. Why is a 60 Second Profile effective?

A. Brief:Easy to get anyone to watch your story. People much prefer to watch a one-minute video than to read pages of text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-produced commercial is worth a million.

B. Professional: ‘Created by a very experienced, talented and well-equipped entertainment team, your informative profile stands outs from all the rest.

C. Effective: A 60spmotivates the viewer to your desired objective (gain a work interview, visit your business, buy your products/services, etc.).

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4. Who needs a 60 Second Profile?

BUSINESSES: (large and small), organizations, non-profits, etc.

Products or Services: Introduce or remind customers/clients of your offerings.

ORGANIZATIONS: Non-profits, campaigns, fundraisers, PSA's (public service announcements), etc.

INDIVIDUALS: Job seekers, recruiters, executives, professionals, brokers, subcontractors, freelancers, etc.

Combination: A profile of you and your business. i.e. Virgin/Richard Branson, Apple/Steve Jobs, etc.

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5. Do you offer other “ad time” formats?

Yes. We can edit your 60spinto additional 30 or 15 second versions to meet your needs.

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6. What if I want a profile longer than one minute?

No problem. We are a full service production company. We recommend creating the 60spand then having a longer version of your story as an optional, secondary video for your viewers, (i.e. “More about _______”).

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7. What can my 60 Second Profile be shown on?

Television (Network/Cable)



Tablets (iPad, Surface, Galaxy, etc.)

Smart Phones (Android, iPhone, etc.)

Projection Screens

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8. What if I want a closed audience?

Absolutely. For instance, you’re a top tier CEO looking for a new company to helm. You only want a precious few to view your profile. We can guide you through various methods to control your profile's viewership.

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9. How do people view my 60 Second Profile?

From anywhere you choose:

A. Links: In an email, an email signature, Twitter, PR articles, resumes/biogs, brochures, proposals, business plans, and so forth.

B. Embedded: One-click playable on your Website, blogs, social networking pages (i.e. Facebook), employer sites (i.e. Linkedin,, in pdf, Powerpoint/Keynote presentation files, elctronic resumes/brochures), etc.

C. Internet Video Streaming: Free from Youtube, etc.

D. Podcasts: We can advise on what you’ll need to do with your podcast version of the 60spfor broadcasting via free podcasting sites such as iTunes.

E. Live Projection: During an event, project your profile on the big screen via a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation from a laptop computer.

F. Web Pre-Roll Advertisement: Such as Google/Youtube play before a  different video begins. i.e. TrueView, etc.

G. Television: If desired, we can refer you to consultants who specialize in the correct targeting of ad times, tv channels/shows, costs, etc.

H. Radio: If you have an interest in such, we can tailor another sound edit of your video that effectively utilizes radio advertising.

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10. How do I distribute my profile online?

Included in your package, we guide you and/or set it up directly for you.

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11. What is quality of the technical format?

We shoot on film or top grade HD video. If there’s audio, we take great care in capturing top-of-the-line sound. Your master meets all television broadcast standards. You can, if you choose, book it on Network or Cable TV.  

We also specialize in knowing how to create high-quality video streaming.

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12. Do I get a say in how it is designed?

Yes, of course! You get a complete say in it. And you have final approval.

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13. Who is in charge of my video?

Each 60 Second Profile is Directed by Miles McNamara who has 48 years of professional experience in film and television.

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14. How do we do this?

We work with you all the way through the process.

During the first consultation (free), we learn your unique needs and goals. From that, we offer a plan of action that meets your specific, professional video needs.

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15. How long does it take to get made?

From one week to a month, depending on shooting/editing circumstances.

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16. What does a 60spcost?

Standard: $995.00 (limited time only - a $3,000 value).  

Premium: $2,995.00 (limited time only - a $6,000 value).

Fortune Five Hundred Commercial: Starting at $20,000.00 (call) - typically, this involves union cast/crew, high level music permissions, etc.

* Contact us and ask about our no interest, short term financing with only 25% down. No credit check is required. It's quite simple how it works.

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17. Will I pay for any costs over budget?

Never. Once we agree on your desires/needs, we strike an agreed-upon price. Only additional changes you desire would be a necessary addition to the budget. Example: You decide you’d like to add an aerial shot from a Chopper or airplane. We research the cost, then pre-approve that change in price before proceeding.

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18. What is delivered, once it’s completed?


“Raw” Broadcast .mov – NTSC (or PAL) – 1920 x 1080p (professional master HD codec with no added compression). 23.98 or 29.97 fps Sound: Stereo uncompressed (min. 48khz, 16 bit).

For Upload:

Large H.264 for Youtube, etc. Note: We always run a duplicate of your profile on our Video channels for all the world to see unless you have chosen a closed, in-house distribution.

Playable files: (for PC or Mac)


Itunes-like Movie

Smart Phone/Tablets


Online Streaming: On Youtube, Vimeo, etc., unless you desire to distribute yourself.

Optional (additional charge):

5.1 Surround Sound

DVD and/or Blu-Ray discs

Extensive embed coding

Flash setup

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19. What should I do to proceed?

Contact us for a free, initial consultation at (604) 613-2079 or

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